​​Marijuana Job Placement
We are looking for cannabis job seekers with diverse qualifications to fill our client’s needs. The industry has demand for Growers, Harvesting work, Trimmers, Packagers,  Budtenders and Extraction Operators. We offer everything from Entry level marijuana jobs, Temp-to-hire marijuana jobs,

Part-time and full-time permanent positions. Our account managers work with Licensed Marijuana Facilities here in Nevada on an on-going basis to successfully fill open staffing positions.

We are the ONLY licensed Marijuana Staffing Company in the State. Any other company offering this service is offering a false promise.

Start your new career in the CANNABIS Industry today. For more information please give us a call 702.553.1082

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Commercial Grows
We can assist you to set up custom policies and procedures, flexible staffing schedules and help you maximize efficiency. We screen and train all of our staff. We can eliminate any downtime or busy work so you can keep a smaller core employee group.

The added value we bring to your company will increase your bottom dollar. The Harvesting and trimming crews we run can handle all you’re trimming, harvesting and general grow help needs. We will even mop the floors.

Getting your product properly trimmed will impact the desirability and value of your end product. Our employees ensure quality and MME Regulation Compliance.

Marijuana Packaging and Production
Marijuana Production is a fast paced and fast growing industry. Literally time is money. Many times requiring a quick response to get your product to your retailers in a timely manner and not have to inventory a large stock pile of product.

We can provide you with the resources to meet this demand. Getting experienced people will eliminate the need for getting people up to speed and keep your business running smoothly.

Marijuana Dispensaries
We provide both Staffing and Training. We can pre-screen candidates for your dispensary or provide ongoing training of your existing staff. Being able to speak intelligently about strains and efficacy will increase your sales.

Your people will know the POS system and know the proper procedures to interact with and upsell your products and services.

Marijuana School
If you are interested in getting into the Marijuana Industry we can get you the training and experience you need to begin a new career. This is a great way to get in on the ground floor.

Learn from experts who have real world experience, not an on-line video. Take classes and get inspired today.

Our 4/20 Special!

For the month of April, classes are only $100! Start your career today in the most fascinating industry. 

Call for more information at (702) 553-1082.

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